What is a group medical gap insurance?

Gap Insurance and a young family

Group medical gap insurance is a supplementary insurance plan that works alongside an existing group health insurance policy. While traditional group health insurance offers significant coverage, it may still leave individuals responsible for out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. This is where group medical gap insurance steps in to bridge the gap, providing coverage for these additional costs.

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Why consider group medical gap insurance?

Group medical gap insurance ensures that employees and their families have coverage, reducing financial burdens during medical emergencies.

By covering out-of-pocket expenses, this insurance saves individuals from unexpected and potentially overwhelming healthcare bills.

Offering group medical gap insurance as part of an employee benefits package can enhance job satisfaction and encourage retention.

Group medical gap insurance plans can be customized to complement specific group health insurance policies and cater to the unique needs of the organization and its employees.

identify gaps

identify gaps

To fully understand the specific coverage gaps in your existing group health insurance policy, a thorough analysis is conducted by our expert team at NAS.

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tailored solutions

Based on the identified gaps, we design a group medical gap insurance plan that complements health insurance coverage.

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Group medical gap insurance works alongside  primary group health insurance, ensuring an easy claims process for employees.

NAS is your partner every step of the way for informed insurance solutions

We provide expert guidance to help agents to make informed decisions about needs in the vast insurance landscape.

Our tailored group medical gap insurance plans are designed to align with unique requirements, because we understand that one size doesn’t fit all.

At NAS, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service. We are committed to exceeding clients’ expectations by being responsive, attentive, and always putting their needs first.

With our medical gap insurance, employees’ healthcare expenses are well-managed, contributing to enhanced peace of mind for groups.

By partnering with National Agency Solutions, you’ll receive top-notch guidance, customizable solutions, and unparalleled service, all while ensuring your groups are protected. Contact us today!
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